Tuakana Teina time

This week we started our Tuakana Teina time with Room 11and 12 and 1. It was great to see all akonga (students) getting to know each other and sharing their reading books. Room 1 and 2 enjoyed taking their buddies through their new Akomanga (classroom) and seeing all that our new environment has to offer. Check out our photos from our session. Can’t wait for our next Tuakana Teina time.


Paper dolls for Christchurch

We were all so hurt to hear about the tragic events in Christchurch. Our love and support goes out to all who had family and friends involved. As part of our love and support to the people of Christchurch, we have joined the movement of paper dolls and have each created three dolls to put in the paper doll chain. The aim is to get as many paper dolls that spread supportive and loving messages to all the people in Christchurch, and to express that we are all different but we stand together in the face of challenges. Here are some of the dolls we created. We are one as a nation forever and always!

Write your own story!

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at poems as part of the Writing Kit that was given to us by School Kit. We were given small objects that we had to focus on and describe in our poem. We looked at the power of words and using our words effectively to show not tell details of our objects. Here are some photos of our progress, our objects and the finished picture collage that is made up of our finished poems. A big thanks to School Kit for providing us with all the resources that we used in this activity.

Puppet Show at SAS

We had a change up for our weekly Assembly by having a puppet show instead. Toro Pikopiko puppets visited us and put on an amazing show about Te Rerenga The Flight which was based around Pourangahua the Birdman, and it’s epic flight around Aotearoa in search for its whānau. This show displays Flasco puppets that are inspired from ancient cave drawings made on the limestone cliffs and caves around the Timaru District. Thank you so much to The PumpHouse Theatre for providing this show to us. Here’s some photos of our akonga interacting in the show.

Problem-Solving in Room 2!

This week, Room 2 has started problem-solving in their Mathematics. We were given a scenario that involved us moving out of our family home and surviving on our own. We then had to create a list of all the expenses that we thought we would have living on our own. This was a huge challenge for students to think of all the expenses that adults are paying each day. Each student got allocated a job and income amount. Over the next few weeks, Room 2 will be looking further into this scenario and given more problems that the children will have to solve. Check out our work so far and keep checking in for more information on our progress.

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Day 2 of Leadership Camp 2019!

Day 2 of Leadership Camp saw the Ruru Syndicate on the Wairoa River at Waimarino Adventure Park in Tauranga. The weather was perfect and the River was very ‘refreshing’. This park was full of exciting activities such as kayaking, the UFO (floating trampoline), the BLOB (the thing that looks like a huge pillow!), hydro-slide, Tarzan swing, hot pool, and diving boards. We had a choice day on the water, having a go at all this park has to offer, supporting others to try new things, and working together as a team. Ka Pai Ruru for a great end to the Leadership Camp and an awesome start to 2019!

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Day 1 of Leadership Camp 2019!

Wow! Day 1 of Leadership camp saw the Ruru Syndicate attempt the big maunga of Te Aroha. Looking up at the mountain, many of us were filled with adrenaline, others filled with nerves. This was a great challenge to start our outstanding camp. Even though some of our students and teachers didn’t quite make it all the way up to the top, we pushed ourselves way past our comfort zones and helped each other in this challenge. Congratulations to all the Ruru Syndicate! Check out some of the amazing views that we saw on our walk.

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