Awesome Athletics Day

Last Wednesday was my first experience of the Stanley Ave Athletics Day… and what a day it was! The weather turned up and it felt like a hot summer’s day. I was working on the long jump activity which involved a lot of measuring. Some jumps were ridiculously long, others weren’t, but the key thing was that all jumpers thoroughly  enjoyed themselves. Props to Mrs Silvester, Liam, Upoks and the Silvester girls for their hard work helping out with the activity. The highlight, of course, was the parent-staff-student relay. I was given the impossible task of trying to catch Mr Byers and although I tried my hardest, could not narrow the gap! Overall I was really impressed with how well the students behaved, from juniors to seniors, and the sun continued to shine throughout the day.

Mr Robinson



The Students’ Assembly

On Wednesday the 13th of September, Coby and I held the first student-held Ruru assembly. It was an embarrassing but fun experience and we had lots of fun doing it. We told some jokes, sang some songs and just had a generally good time. The songs included “The Phoenix” and “Grenade”.

Some of the jokes were dry and the riddles challenging yet simple. Over all we had such a great time and wish to do it again soon.

Thomas Franklin


Trash pickup in the wet lands

Last Friday SAS went to pick up rubbish in the wetlands for the community. I think it was an adventure for all of us, especially since we saw all of the rubbish in the wetlands, we even found old metal that was in the mud and swamps! There were so many glass bottles and metal tins that were carelessly thrown away and the broken glass could have cut an animal. But it was really fun and felt good to help the community.

Rouxane Kuhn


Tuakana-teina PE

Today Amy, Rouxane`and I did limbo with some yr 2’s from room 9. We had a skipping rope and had no idea what to do with it so today we just went with the flow. I enjoyed seeing the kids laughing and having fun. Not much was challenging. What I would change, is that we would be more oraganised. It really made my day when they said it was fun and some even said it was there favourite.

By Charli

Being a Team Player

This week Room 2 has been learning about being a Team player. Groups decided on meanings of our school values relating to being a team player. Some groups made videos to show the values. Our group decided we were going to do it by presentation using cue cards. We all got to practice our lines then we performed in front of the whole school. Some of us were scared but we tried anyway. One of the groups had to think at the last minute because all their footage was gone but we got there in the end! Overall, everyone enjoyed working with other people.

By Pheonix   


Next Term….Term 3

Next term will be a really busy term.

The things that we know are happening already and important for you to know:

Wk3 cross country Practice/Cross country practice

Wk4  gym sport, cross country, ICCAS maths

Wk5 district cross country

Wk6 Winter Olympics and Stanley Olympics

Wk7 classroom speeches

Wk8 possibly rotary speeches, to be confirmed

Wk9 Waikato full primary cross country

Next term you should be aware that  there will be a lot of practice for: winter olympics, cross country, and speeches

Hope you all have a lovely holiday, stay safe but have fun 🙂

Written by Daniel and Pheonix

Mr Robinson, Room 2’s new teacher.

In the last week of term two we have been getting to know Mr Robinson. He will be room 2’s new teacher, since Mrs Rendell is having her baby.

Mr Robinson will be teaching room 2 for the rest of the two terms of the year. Jasmine, Shelby and Lakesha asked Mr Robinson some questions that we made up to get to know him a bit better and a couple of riddles and some funny questions.

What do you enjoy most of Stanley Ave so far? The friendly, positive atmosphere around the school and how people introduce themselves readily.

Who are your favourite students in this class?

All of you!

Will you teach us different languages?

Yes Spanish, and possibly others if we can fit them into the time table.

You see a student cheating in a test,what do you do ? I would have to

report the student, and make them do the test again.

Where did you go to school? Takapuna schools, Otago and Waikato Universities

Who are your friends? My girlfriend, my dog and friends where I live in Tairua as well as overseas.

What do you like to do when your not working? Relaxing, surfing , reading, enjoying outdoors and walking.

How long does it take for you to travel to school ? 15- 20 min.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’d buy? I’d take my family and friends straight away to a really nice restaurant to celebrate.

What is the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?
Worst: Big curtains that didn’t fit.
Best: a Toyota car that ever let me down

What has a head and a tail but no body?… a coin. 

What’s your social life like? When I travel  its very social, but in NZ just weekends usually.

How many sides does a circle have?  Does not have any sides.

What are you most passionate about? Surfing –  you’re in nature and its relaxing. And it’s scary sometimes because the waves get big.

Have you ever played any other sports? I played Soccer, Tennis and Rugby in high school.

How long does it take you to get ready for school? Around an hour.