Mr Robinson, Room 2’s new teacher.

In the last week of term two we have been getting to know Mr Robinson. He will be room 2’s new teacher, since Mrs Rendell is having her baby.

Mr Robinson will be teaching room 2 for the rest of the two terms of the year. Jasmine, Shelby and Lakesha asked Mr Robinson some questions that we made up to get to know him a bit better and a couple of riddles and some funny questions.

What do you enjoy most of Stanley Ave so far? The friendly, positive atmosphere around the school and how people introduce themselves readily.

Who are your favourite students in this class?

All of you!

Will you teach us different languages?

Yes Spanish, and possibly others if we can fit them into the time table.

You see a student cheating in a test,what do you do ? I would have to

report the student, and make them do the test again.

Where did you go to school? Takapuna schools, Otago and Waikato Universities

Who are your friends? My girlfriend, my dog and friends where I live in Tairua as well as overseas.

What do you like to do when your not working? Relaxing, surfing , reading, enjoying outdoors and walking.

How long does it take for you to travel to school ? 15- 20 min.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’d buy? I’d take my family and friends straight away to a really nice restaurant to celebrate.

What is the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?
Worst: Big curtains that didn’t fit.
Best: a Toyota car that ever let me down

What has a head and a tail but no body?… a coin. 

What’s your social life like? When I travel  its very social, but in NZ just weekends usually.

How many sides does a circle have?  Does not have any sides.

What are you most passionate about? Surfing –  you’re in nature and its relaxing. And it’s scary sometimes because the waves get big.

Have you ever played any other sports? I played Soccer, Tennis and Rugby in high school.

How long does it take you to get ready for school? Around an hour.



Friday Lunches

Over the last few weeks we have been raising money for Stanley Olympics and Winter Olympics. We have been selling friday lunches over the last term we have had: hot dogs, sausage rolls, pies, mac and cheese, chicken rolls, muffin milo, cheeseburgers, all $2.50.

But wait  there’s more next term!!

There will be spaghetti buns, meatball subs, nachos. So make sure you order your special Friday lunch each week.

A big thanks to Mrs Carol Wilson for all her hard work in making the lunches.

So make sure you bring your money.

Written by Jayden


My Time Presentations

This term Ruru syndicate did My Time. We all enjoyed it. Our My Time presentations at the end of the term were presented in many different ways. Some were slideshows others were posters and some decided to just talk about what they did. Here are most of the posters. We had to show what we had learnt, reflect on how we could improve, and discuss our successes and failures. We had a time limit of how long we had to speak for and we got marked out of 16.  

Here are some photos of our presenting our my time presentations.

Matariki Hangi

This year we had a Matariki Hangi.

Matariki is the sign of the Maori new year and Harvesting the crops for the winter.At the Hangi, the walls were covered with art of all types of Maori designs made by the different classes. 

The Kapa Haka was phenomenal to watch, and was great to see Coby-Jay from our class leading the kapa haka.

The food was the highlight of the night especially, the fry bread was delicious.

Even though the chicken wasn’t ready and was cooked at the fish and chips shop.

During the day the food preparation was done by different classrooms. They had to do different jobs like peeling the potatoes and Kumara also Scooping seeds out of a pumpkin

A huge thanks to the Families and businesses who helped out with the preparation of the hangi, any money that was made is going towards new kapa haka uniforms.

Written by Liam and Frazier.

The Black and White Disco

Stepping through the door was like stepping into a whole new world.

There was colourful lights and a disco ball that sparkled in the light like it was made of diamonds that lit up the dark room turning into a bright magical room.

The sweets and glow stuff on display just wants to pull you towards it like a magnet.

The scenes on the big screen looked like a illusion.

The people that was there were made to feel like we were in a club hosting some sort of dance night.

What a magical night.

By Liam Warburton

Room 2’s My-Time

Room Two has been doing my time this term on Fridays. Everyone is doing different activities each week such as cooking, stress balls, mini boats and fruit sticks they are all very fun activities to do in our school time. We had to write a proposal explaining what we will learn and where we will work and who we will work with.

During my time we learn heaps new skills and have fun whilst learning.

Everyone enjoys doing my time because it allows us to choose areas we are interested in.

Written by Lakesha and Jenee  

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Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone to Term 2.

This term is going to be a busy one. Here is the calendar of events

In the holidays and past week some senior students have been writing CV applications for Winter olympics which are due on the Second Week of term 2 on the Wednesday.

The team will be chosen in Week 3 on the Friday.

We also have some college kids coming to school to talk to the year 8s about what to expect if you decide to go to Te Aroha college. They will be arriving and speaking on the Tuesday of the 4th week.

The disco will be held on the Thursday of Week 5, stay tuned to hear the student chosen theme.

The Tough Guy Girl challenge will be held on the Friday of Week 6. Notices have been handed out already. If you want to participate and don’t have a notice, collect one from the office.

In Week 8 on the Thursday we will be holding a Matariki Hangi. Can’t wait to help make and eat the delicious food.

Week 9 the teachers will be handing out mid year reports to the students.

On the last week of school there will be parent teacher interviews. These are so the parents can understand what their children are learning and ask any questions they may have about their child’s report.

Throughout the year we will be starting a spelling unit as a subject. We will also be Starting the Sexuality Road unit.

That’s the calendar for Stanley ave.  Term 2 2018 looks like it will be a busy but fun term.

Written by Thomas Franklin